Americans should not have to live in fear that an inadequate healthcare system will allow an unexpected medical emergency to end the lives of them or their children. That is why I voted “yes” to extend the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) through 2027.


It has always been a priority to ensure that our veterans are getting the help they deserve when they return home. That is why I introduced the currently pending Veteran Jobs Opportunity Act to establish a small-business, start-up tax credit for veteran entrepreneurs.

Gun Reform

My 0% voter rating with the NRA proves that I am serious about reforming gun laws to protect our families. It is why I opposed Florida’s Firearm Preemption Law and, instead, support allowing local officials to tailor gun laws to the needs of their community.


Our schools should support the growth of our children in more than just education. That is why I voted “yes” to provide $2.7 billion to restart operations and assist displaced students affected by Hurricane Irma.

College Affordability

The fear of debt should never be a deterrent to the pursuit of knowledge. That is why I introduced the currently pending Student Opportunity Act, to allow people with high federal student load debt to refinance at a lower rate and eliminate the tax penalty for loan balance forgiveness.