Throughout my time in the Florida Legislature, and in Congress, I have received an “F” rating with the National Rifle Association (NRA) and NEVER received a penny from them. 

I support the 2nd Amendment but I also know from experience that you don’t need an assault rifle with bump stocks to hunt deer or a rabbit.

The NRA is pushing extreme policy while sacrificing the safety of our nation for corporate profits. We need common sense gun reform control to keep our communities safe and that’s why I’ve supported the following legislation in Congress: 

  • Close the Gun Show Loophole (H.R. 1612) which prohibits individuals not licensed to sell firearms from doing so at a gun show.
  • Protecting Domestic Violence and Stalking Victims Act (H.R. 2670) which prohibits individuals with temporary restraining orders from purchasing firearms as well as those convicted of stalking.
  • Gun Violence Research Act (H.R. 4573) which directs federal resources to research the impact of gun violence and living in high-crime communities have on mental health. 
  • The STOP School Violence Act (H.R. 4909) which reauthorized a grant to provide additional security at schools.
  • House Resolution 367 to establish a Select Committee on Gun Violence Prevention 
  • Repealing Stand Your Ground in Florida. 

In Congress, I have voted against the conceal carry legislation that allows people to use permits for carrying concealed handguns across state lines.